Black Gold

If you have any affinity for sewing and vintage sewing machines you will immediately know to what I am referring when I speak of Black Gold.  That tiny black case that holds the glossy black and gold baby Singer 221-1 Featherweight.

1952 Singer 221-1 Featherweight

1952 Singer 221-1 Featherweight

I never appreciated the fascination with these machines until I held my very own.  Very much like holding your firstborn child I suppose, lol!  But it’s tiny size and portability are truly intoxicating for one addicted to the art of sewing.  Of course it’s glossy black paint with just the right amount of gold trim are easy to love as well.

All the glory....

All the glory….

This was a good site for learning more about the history of Singer Featherweights. Featherweight Facts

I am diligently trying to keep my vintage sewing machine collection at a manageable size so I won’t be keeping this one in my own stable, but I am very glad I have had the chance to use and learn about this amazing machine.  This particular one is a 1952 model in near perfect condition.  The machine itself is pristine and the case is nearly perfect as well.

Well used and loved oil can

Well used and loved oil can



more goodies...

more goodies…

If you are interested in purchasing this machine you can drop me an email at sweetgingervintage at gmail dot com.  I am asking $395 plus shipping.


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