Back In The Saddle Again!

I don’t even care to think about how long it has been since I have really posted on this blog.  Let’s just suffice it to say I have had a LOT going on and there have been a ton of changes in my personal and business life.

This blog was started for my original business, the Purple Pincushion, my custom sewing and alterations business.  Which I ran happily and at full throttle for 11 years.  It has now been closed for 2 years.  I can hardly even believe that it has been closed that long already.

I never planned to close my business.  It wasn’t even on my radar.  Except, the day my husband asked me to think about closing.  At first I was angry, but immediately on the tail of that first instinctual, angry response, I knew he was right.  My daughter was facing multiple surgeries and my own health was in a bad place.  While I couldn’t be happier with the success I had achieved with my business, I was truly burned out and burned out hard.

So I closed the doors.  Hardest thing I have ever done, but absolutely the best decision I have ever made.

What have I been doing for the past 2 years?  Healing. Dreaming. Breathing.  Finding my passion again.  Loving my daughter and helping her do the same.

I posted previously about a new business venture, Sweet Ginger Vintage, that I had started exploring the possibilities of back in 2013.  Well she launched this spring in a much different form than I ever imagined!  I have been trying to get that website off the ground but this site just feels like home to me.  So even though it would make more business sense to put all of my energy into the other site I am coming back here.

I will leave you with a few pictures of the new shop and some of the glorious goodies in it.


Collecting pieces for the shop

Christmas Window

Corsets for Christmas

Ready for opening

Ready for opening

Vintage Hat Event

Vintage Hat Event

Setting In

Setting In


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