Bullet Bra Day 2

So Saturday was the start of Va-Voom Vintage’s bullet bra sew along.  The stars aligned and I was actually able to join in!  I downloaded the size C pattern and was able to throw a quick mock up together in no time to test the size and fit.  Good thing it went together quick – too small.  I quickly printed out the DD and threw together another mock up – perfect!

I really love the simplicity of this pattern so far.  This evening I sat down and cut out my fashion fabric.  I wanted a little bit more substance to the fabric than a single layer of cotton so I flat lined two layers of my cotton together and I am treating them as one.

Today’s assignment was to cut out and assemble the cups including completing the spiral stitching.  From start to finish it took me about 1 1/2 hours.  I french seamed the cups but not the center front seam.  Because I used the extra layer of fabric my french seams added a little more bulk than I would like at the center front seam.  So I just used a regular seam at CF.

I think they definitely have some pointy potential!



2 thoughts on “Bullet Bra Day 2

  1. Looks great! I just started my test BB with the C cup. I am hoping the fit is close enough, I may have to wait for the B cup.
    It has been pretty easy so far. I like your idea of doubling up the fabric.

    • It is much more sturdy with the double layer. I think your size will end up being determined by where you “carry” if you catch my meaning. In a store bought, traditional style/size I normally wear a D. But apparently when it’s all pushed up front like the BB I am a DD :-p Good luck!

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