Moving On

It has been a long, slow, and very deliberate process to come to a most difficult decision.  After having cut back my work load and hours substantially at the Purple Pincushion this past year, I have decided that it is time to close the doors for good.  Today marks the exact completion of 10 full years in business.

I am not closing the doors for lack of business or financial hardship, rather I have simply reached a point of moving on.  These past 10 years have been filled to the brim with passion, determination, and love for what I do as a skill, and the service I have been able to provide for my customer.  I happily put in 60 and 70 hour work weeks because I loved what I was doing and what I was building.  Creating a successful small business in today’s world is no easy task and I am very proud of what I was able to accomplish.

But somewhere along the way my original intent for my business got bypassed.  I opened the Purple Pincushion as a “Custom Sewing and Alterations” shop, but in short order it pretty much fell into just alterations.  I was able to narrow down the alterations to doing only the type I liked (bridal/formal wear) but that limited my time for custom work even more.  A seamstress skilled in bridal/formal wear alterations with reasonable prices is a hard creature to find apparently.

I knew things were going to have to change in the day to day operation of the shop when we adopted our daughter.  This was part of the reason I was so determined to build my own business.  I wanted to be able to control my work hours and environment so I could give my child/children all of the attention and devotion that they need and deserve.  At the time I had no idea how much my sweet daughter was going to need me.

For as many amazing and wonderful accomplishments we have seen our daughter through this past year there have been an equal if not greater number of trials and struggles.  That just comes with the territory when you have a special needs child.

When you wake up each day not knowing if it will be one of “those” days (those days being days filled with unexpected health crisis and or emergency medical visits) your life suddenly gets re-prioritized.  To put it bluntly I l no longer have the ability to care whether or not you have a wedding in two weeks and are freaking out because I haven’t called you about your dress.  Every single minute I have to spend with my daughter is too precious to be pushed around and shuffled down the chain of importance.

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying your special events are not important, or that they are frivolous and meaningless.  It is just that they are no longer important to me.  That is how I know it is time to close the doors.  I want my work to reflect my passion and dedication not apathy and resentment.

Time to move past the bridal insanity.

So I intend to finish out the year and fulfill the orders I have promised at this point.  I am not sure what my exact closing date will be, probably some time after Thanksgiving and before Christmas.  Vicky is planning to continue running Hem it Up and she is actively looking at different options for spaces to operate from.  I will keep you posted from here as to what she will be doing as we work out details.  Vicky has been my friend and sidekick since day one and it makes me the saddest knowing that we won’t be working side by side anymore 😥

Thank you to all of the wonderful customers who made the Purple Pincushion the success that it was.  I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of many of the milestone moments of your lives. I will miss that connection that I have had with so many of you over these past 10 years.

And what am I going to be doing once the shop is closed?  I’m not exactly sure yet.  It takes a while to unwind from the grueling schedule of weddings.  I intend to spend lots of time with my daughter, read some books, do some writing, and find my passion for sewing again.  When the time is right I will bring my custom sewing out for all to see.  Sweet Ginger needs some time and attention to develop into what I want it to be.  I am looking forward to taking this time to exercise my creative muscles designing and reproducing vintage style dresses and  designing custom corsets.  I will also continue writing on this blog because it was always about more than just my business.

Let's Go Mom!!

Let’s Go Mom!!


15 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. Wishing you all the best in the world for your difficult but entirely understandable decision..I look forward to seeing the future. This time is too precious not to enjoy xxxxxxx

  2. You’re a star no matter where you are. 🙂 Best wishes on your new endeavor(s), whatever those may be! While your considerable skills will be missed, I greatly respect your desire to live your passion and put your family first.

    • Thanks Suzanne. It’s one of the benefits of being an older parent. My husband and I have been married 21 years but we did not have children until we adopted our sweet daughter in our mid/late 30s. We got a lot of the junk out of the way early and now we know who and what our focus in life is on 🙂

  3. I had to make that decision too. I am a clothing designer who ended up as a glorified seamstress who could basically sew anything from swimwear and underwear to wedding dresses. I had two wonderful ladies who worked for me and everything went well at the end, but I gave it all up. I did some extra work on the sideline a few years later up to the point where it was the same story again – too many and long working hours… family time and do not even mention me-time. I have a few customers that are upset and a few that won’t take no for an answer (which I find extremely difficult to deal with at times)
    My heart will aways be in sewing and in clothing (that is my passion), but at this stage of my life I can also not care anymore about someone else’s wedding or function, dance or clothing alterations. I have a family now to care about.
    I do still dream about bringing out my own range or something again, but that is only a dream now. So, yes! I think you have made the right decision. Good luck and enjoy every moment with your child! You will never regret that!

    • Thanks crazykitsy! It is sometimes hard for people outside the industry to understand how all consuming the demands are in the alteration world, especially bridal wear. I am just glad that I have made the decision before I was completely burned out on sewing all together and that I now have a chance to revive the love of my craft.

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