New Article on Foundations

I have a new article out on Foundations Revealed today!  If you are a member hop on over and have a read.  If you are not a member and have ever wanted to learn how to make corsets, bras, or other under garments consider joining.  Foundations is the best source of informative, historical articles and tutorials I have found anywhere and the community of people involved and associated with Foundations are just wonderful.  They have really created a great teaching community there.

This month I take everyone through the process of drafting and making your own 1920s Envelope Chemise using Ms. Conover’s “A Complete Course in Dressmaking”.

1920s Envelope Chemise


8 thoughts on “New Article on Foundations

    • Yes, I believe it is $11/month. I have found it to be worth every penny.
      If you don’t mind the wait I will republish my articles here once the contract expires (1 year I think). So I will actually have articles coming up late this fall, I think, that will be reaching the one year mark.
      Also, parts of the Dressmakers Course are available for free online if you just want access to the source material. All of my Sensible Sunday articles have direct links. It is really a fantastic resource.

  1. Oh wonderful! I am not a member, but have just finished sewing and blogged about it today, my very first swimsuit, and am now hard at work on sewing up lingerie! I love the idea of making my own undergarments, I will pop over to the link and check this out, thanks!

  2. Reblogged this on adventuresincorsetry and commented:
    Foundations Revealed, one of the most excellent and informative sites for anything to do with Corsetry and Bra making… if you are more of a Historical Clothing kinda person.. their sister site, History Unstitch’d and Your Wardroble Unlock’d are also wonderful… and you could sign up and subscribe to all 3 if you wanted!

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