Camper Dress Up

We moved into our new house two months ago and we are finally starting to feel settled in.  Back in the dark days of winter (like 3 weeks ago) we had hopes of making it out camping the first weekend in June.  But with the rotten weather and Miss L’s hip surgery we just decided we better hold off.  Plus, with all the moving, we haven’t had time to work on the camper at all!

But today the camper came home to the new house!  It had been living over at my husband’s shop since last fall since that was the only place we had to store it.  The new house has a perfect sized cement slab out back where a tin garden shed met its demise over this harsh winter.  Now that the camper is here at home I can work on all the little futzy things like the curtains and cushions easily.  I have had the fabric for the curtains since last fall but I just haven’t had the motivation to work on them, partly because it was never convenient to run out and check measurements.

Camper Fabric

I looked at tons of different themed fabrics and I just couldn’t settle on anything.  We knew we wanted to keep the vintage flavor but we didn’t want to get stuck on one theme like Coca Cola or Betty Boop.  I didn’t want cars and flames and Mike didn’t want frills and flowers.  So when I came across this vintage circus fabric on eQuilter I was pretty sure I found a winner.

LOVED the appliances!!! That is what sold me on this camper:-)

LOVED the appliances!!! That is what sold me on this camper:-)

I think the pennant fabric will coordinate perfectly with these lovely appliances!  We haven’t decided yet what we are doing with the walls and cabinets.  Plain white, birch veneer, and stainless/chrome are all possibilities.  I will also be shopping for fabric for the cushions now too.

I am perfectly o.k. if we don’t make it “out” camping this year.  We can camp in our new back yard and just enjoy our new home inside and out!  Fire pit coming soon 🙂


8 thoughts on “Camper Dress Up

  1. Over in cloudy,cold UK it’s sunday 16 June..which means only one thing..its BLOG PARTY TIME! So I’m here..I’ve now resorted to a nice cup of earl grey tea and a have a good look around!! Still loving that blue oven. Sigh xxxxx

  2. That is the most beautiful blue oven I have ever seen. I think it would look awesome with stainless steel (and normally, I would go with birch). Keep the creativity flowing; you have a gift!

  3. Arrived fashionably late but now enjoying chardonnay! I grew up camping in tents, later upgrading as our family purchased a travel trailer. I thought it was my personal play house. Enjoyed my visit. Happy Camping!

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