Longing to Bloom

This past winter was agonizing long and cold.  Up until the past week or so it felt like summer was never going to come.  But then the tulips started coming up and hope started to creep in.


Our new tulips (we just moved into our house so all of the plants coming up are new surprises) on Monday before we headed to the hospital for Miss L.’s hip surgery.  The temps were supposed to get into the 80s while we were in the hospital and I was afraid I was going to miss the blooms entirely while we were gone.

But we didn’t.  This is what we came home to yesterday.


It was a bright spot of hope after a day and a half of watching my sweet girl suffer and struggle with the pain and discomfort of her surgery.


.  I am taking a break from everything to spend some time to help my girl bloom again.  It has been a rough couple of days but things are looking up.  She is one tough little flower and she is determined to show the world her blooms.


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