Just Because

He’s so handsome.  Every wiener deserves his moment in the sun.  It was beautifully sunny today, even though there was still a north wind bite to the air.  Sir Oscar is proudly surveying his new front yard from his majestic front porch perch.

King of his castle.

King of his castle.


5 thoughts on “Just Because

  1. Look at those LEG WRINKLES! Awwwww. . .so cute! I FINALLY just subscribed to your posts via email. That way I’m sure to read them. I can’t wait! And I’m looking forward to checking out your archives too. 🙂

    • Well welcome! Gotta love a wrinkly wiener 😉 I am an unapologetic fan of all inappropriate wiener humor and puns. Wiener dogs just make me smile. We used to have a big wiener (basset hound). I hope to get another basset one of these days, they are much more mellow and easy going than the little wieners. The little guys all think they have something to prove – lol!

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