Etsy Store is OPEN!

So I finally did it!  I pushed the button and my Sweet Ginger Vintage Etsy shop is officially open.

Even though I have been running a real live, brick and mortar store front for over 10 years it was very nerve wracking for me to officially open my online store.  I have no idea why.  I am not usually one to be intimidated by anything, but this made me so nervous!

My original intent had been to open my shop with some of my custom made reproduction dresses but life had different plans.  Between unexpected traveling for family emergencies, the winter plague, and the unforeseen buying of a new house my quite winter of sewing was stolen from me.  We are in the last couple of weeks before our move to the new house, so I can say for certain that no sewing will get done until after the move is complete.

So instead of opening the shop with my clothing, I opted to open with some of my vintage patterns.  I have a pretty large collection of patterns, in the thousands I am sure.  I would say about 1/3 of them are pre-1960.  And I recently acquired another 70 vintage children’s patterns.  I just decided it was time to start passing some of these wonderful pieces of history on.

I have only posted a few of the children’s patterns to start since they happened to be sitting in front of me.  I will be adding many more women’s and children’s patterns as I have time.  I go through each pattern individually to make sure all of the pieces are there and in good condition, and this takes a fair amount of time along with photographing and writing descriptions.

I hope you will check out the shop and let me know what you think.



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