Peacock Pin Up Bra

More underwear fun!

Whew!!  After two weeks of dealing with the dreaded winter plague I didn’t think I was going to make the entry deadline for the Oh La La! sew along contest, but I managed to get at least the Pin Up bra done.

Check out all of the wonderful entries at A Few Threads Loose and vote for your favorite!!

fiftiesbra FiftiesBra2


7 thoughts on “Peacock Pin Up Bra

  1. How did construction go? I had an absolute terrible time with the pattern- NOTHING matched up. After a night & morning of cursing, they released an updated version of the pattern, but I was so disgusted I didn’t even try it.

    • I think the plain bra was fine, but the pattern for the long bra was not nice. I remember seeing something about an update but in the midst of my plague I never downloaded it :-/ I have never attempted bra making before so I wasn’t sure how much of my struggles were beginner struggles, the pattern (plus a vintage pattern on top of it), or was it all illness induced brain fog? I was rather irritated that there were no finishing instructions to speak of either. I can tell you the the inside of the bra is pretty darn ugly! But I don’t know what the proper lingerie finishes are on something like that.

      • I wouldn’t worry so much about proper finishes- do it the way you want! Bias binding, serging, etc. I think pinking & French seams might be the vintage way.

        Still, glad to know it wasn’t just me who had problems with the longline bra.

      • I will probably attempt it again with the new down load when I am feeling more myself. The general fit was pretty good considering the pattern flaws, which really surprised me.
        Man I hate being sick! My poor sewing machines probably think I died. I am never away from them for this long.

  2. Oh my god! This is amazing! Really beautiful and sexy. I’d definitly buy this if I had both the money and the lover 😉

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