Sensible Sundays – If You Are Tall

Ahhh!  Finally, I am back for the continuation of Sensible Sundays.  The last couple of weeks have been rather crazy.  I am posting late today because I forced myself to trudge through the final bit of my end of year book work :-p  Yuck!!  But it is all done and ready for my accountant this week.  No waiting for April 15th around here, we get it done and out of the way as soon as possible.

So are you among the Amazonian women?  Towering over all of your short friends, and forever cursed with pants that look like capris?  I, myself, I am not quite a full Amazon, but certainly above the U.S. average of 5’5″ at 5’7.75″.  Yes, I claim my 3/4 of an inch, and if you ask me how tall I am I generally round up to 5’8″ 🙂  For many countries around the world the average height for women is still under 5′.  I can attest to this from my first hand experience traveling in China.  Here in the U.S. I can blend with the crowd pretty easy, but when we were in China I really felt like some kind of mammoth giant.  I was just glad I didn’t have to try to find any clothes to fit me while we were there!!

As usual, Ms. Conover has some good and interesting advice for the tall among us.  I just love her tactful, sweet voice.  Someone commented  while back that they imagine her with a British accent.  I think that is about right, a very clear and proper diction at the very least.

There is a difference in being tall and too tall.  We know that Fashion designs for the tall girl or woman.  She practically hasn’t any clothes worries at all as far as the lines of garments are concerned.

However, if you are too tall, I think I can give you a few helpful suggestions.  First of all, how do you carry yourself?  Don’t on any account stoop, as if you were apologizing for being as tall as you are.  To carry your clothes well you must stand up straight.

*Groan*!  The dreaded stand up straight admonition.  Tall girls hear this all the time!  This can be very challenging when all of your friends are 4-6″ shorter than you.  I like being tall, and I am confident in my height, but I do find myself slouching way more that I would like simply to put myself on a more comfortable conversation level with my friends.  But Ms. Conover is exactly right, anything you wear will look horrible on you if your posture is poor.  And poor posture isn’t going to hide the fact that you are tall, it will only make you look tall, lacking in confidence, and ill dressed.

Ms. Conover goes on to advise that the tall woman should be careful in her selection of stripes and panels.  Improper use of stripes may leave a tall woman looking like a striped barber’s pole.  She does recommend tunics, loose panels, and coat effect clothing.

Avoid mannishly tailored clothes, they will make you seem larger than you really are.  Don’t be afraid to indulge in pretty clothes – blouses with frills and dainty collars.

Suppose we just talk about necklines.  Have you ever happened to think that the neckline of a dress can make you look taller than you really are?  I am thinking of those long V neck lines and the panel front effects that so many of the coat dresses have.

If you are wise you will leave these for your short, plump little cousin.  She needs them and you don’t.

Oh, my gosh!  I laughed out loud when I read that!  That just isn’t something we can get away with saying today.

Thanks to Jezebel for the wonderful advertising clip.  A perfect example of the popular V neck style dress of the 1920s.

This is my favorite advice for tall women (besides standing up straight):

Perhaps you are tempted to flatten out your hair and wear low crowned hats and flat-heeled shoes just to make yourself look shorter.  Well, it really does not accomplish that result.  It is far better to dress your hair becomingly, wear a hat that is just right according to the prevailing mode, and shoes that have a good-looking medium heel.

Yay for heels!  Now if I could just get my husband to grow a couple of inches so I am not taller than him when I wear my heels, all will be good.


2 thoughts on “Sensible Sundays – If You Are Tall

  1. I Have to comment since I’m just like you, 5’7.75″ and I both lay claim to that 3/4 inch with pride and round up to 5’8″ when I feel like it.
    I used to envy my petite friends and relatives, but I have learned that my (erm) generous proportions would be much harder to disguise if I was smaller!
    I do love 1920s fashions but they always seem to be illustrated on ladies with no hips so I don’t think they’ll flatter me much. Interesting to see the media liked curve-less women and little waist shaping so early on.

    • I know, I LOVE 20s fashions as well and have always been a little sad that I just can’t pull them off 😦 My body is meant for Victorian curves and 1950s wasp waist. Those are wonderful silhouettes too, but we always want what we can’t have, right?!

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