In Sewing Crisis

So I managed to hold it together when I dropped my beloved Pfaff of at the sewing machine doctor.

Pfaff Lifestyle 2022

Pfaff Lifestyle 2022

But that was Saturday.  Sunday’s are about the only day of the week I might not sew and today was busy with grocery shopping and other out and about errands, so I was o.k. today.  But Monday morning is coming and Pfaff’s space on the table is empty but for some stray pins, lint, and loose threads.  Ten years of Monday mornings and he has always been there, never failed me 😦

Hoping the repair man calls soon and saves me from crying and rocking myself in the corner.  I may have to resort to cooking and cleaning, and that would be a tragedy!!


9 thoughts on “In Sewing Crisis

  1. I remember this when in the middle of a big job!Yikes! Maybe cleaning is not all that bad and everyone loves to make cookies on Monday! Remember the nursery rhyme, what did she do on Mondays anyway?

    • Cookies might make me feel better. I am just glad this didn’t happen in the middle of bridal season and that I have cut my work load back considerably. Normally I can’t be with out my machine for even a couple of hours, let alone days. So it could definitely be worse!

  2. I know the paine… you think you will mange and then you realise how many things you are not able to do as your sewing machine is out of order… terrrible. I hope you will have it repair soon!

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