Sensible Sunday – What is Your Type?

Oh, boy.  Now we are treading on shaky ground!  Ms. Conover begins the social loaded topic of body types.  I just want to say right off that bat, that I don’t necessarily agree with her viewpoint and/or recommendations on body types, but I do find it incredibly fascinating to read how this topic was handled in the 1920s.

Same bibs, five different women, five different looks.

I am just going to let Ms. Conover say it in her own words.

Perhaps it’s an impertinent question but we are talking just friend to friend and I am going to ask, “How old are you?”

Or maybe I had better say, “How young are you?”

In selecting clothes, you know, age is just as important to the slip of a girl as it is to the woman who is growing older.  Sixty’s dress can be down right cruel  to the sweet sixteen.

On the other hand, the too young dress is the very thing that will add 10 years to a woman’s look.

Decide your type and see which styles are best suited for you.

Are you a slim young girl?  Are you a stout young girl?  Are you a young woman of medium build? Are you a stout younger woman? Are you short?  Are you tall?  Are you thin?  Are you an older woman?

I’ll leave it there for this week and let you think about just those basic categories.  In the coming weeks we will work through each type and see what Ms. Conover has to say!

I am writing these articles from my own personal collection of Ms. Conover’s dressmaking series, but this series is available to any of you that would like to read the complete work (or part of, not all 12 lessons are available).  This series was originally published in 1921 and is now in the public domain.  If you would like to study this more in depth you can read directly from the source yourself without my commentary :-)   My version was released in 1922 so it may be slightly different from what you find here, but it should be very similar.  You can download the entire first lesson in either Adobe or PDF format.  You can also download the 1922 version here, but I am not entirely sure if it includes all 12 lessons or not.


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