California Dreaming

My schedule, of late, has been pretty empty of sewing.  Between my daughter’s busy therapy, school, and doctor appointment schedule and our unexpected trip back to Minnesota my machine and I have both been going through withdrawl.  But I was finally able to complete my first Burda pattern.

I have always been aware of Burda patterns, but for some reason I never got around to trying one.  A friend picked out several of the vintage reprint Burda patterns with hopes that I would be able to make a couple dresses for her adult daughter who lives in California.  So Burda 7253 became my first Burda experience.  Described as a Kleid & Jacke dress and jacket, it is dated 1955-1960.

At first glance this outfit is a very simple box jacket with a pegged sheath dress.  Upon a little closer inspection it has some cute details like the rounded, off center, lapped neckline attached to a gathered bodice and the small back vent on the jacket.

Burda 7253
Burda 7253

I wanted to make this an easy wash and wear outfit suitable for multiple seasons.  I opted for a bright olive green linen/rayon blend that I have used for other projects with good results.  The rayon gives the linen a more fluid drape and feel.  It also eliminates some of the wrinkle factor.  Some, not all.  Best of all it it machine washable.  Personally, I am much more likely to wear something that I can wash easily myself.  I don’t have the time or money to spend on running to a dry cleaner.

So this is the end result.

Olive Sheath Dress

I happened to have a scrap of matching bengaline from my Pile O Bridesmaids from this summer that I was able to use for the belt.  The “wrong” side of the bengaline is shiny like satin but with some of the texture from the right side carrying though so it isn’t completely smooth.  I think it pops nicely.  Both the bengaline and the linen/rayon are available at Joann’s Fabrics in a variety of colors.

Close Up

Close up of the neck line.

And the complete look with the jacket.  I don’t think the dress form does it justice with the jacket on.



16 thoughts on “California Dreaming

  1. Boy I wish I had a figure to wear an outfit like that! Very Nice! Looks wonderful in that color. I love Burda style and have used them several times, you just have to get used to the amount of work to prepare the pattern before cutting or do they now have seam allowances?

    • Yes, this one had seam allowances included. There were some wonky finishing instructions for the dress but I don’t know if that is because it is a vintage reprint or if Burda just finishes things a little different.

    • Seriously Ann?! I know I haven’t seen you in a couple of years, but I always imagine you with a waist:-) Without the belt the dress is like a sack dress, not shaped/fitted at the waist at all. It is actually one of those dresses that is good at creating the illusion of a waist which is just about as good as actually having one 😉 The pegged skirt brings the focus to the legs and the gathered neckline highlights the face.

    • I have 3 more Burda patterns to go for this customer! Classy style is exactly what we are going for 🙂 Not sure I like their instructions/techniques yet. I will work on a couple more before I make my judgement on that.

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