Vintage Excitment!!

Pfaff 230 Automatic

Isn’t it lovely?!  I must say I am deeply in love with the German made sewing machines by Pfaff.  My first experience with a Pfaff was when I worked at an automotive upholstery shop and got to use in industrial Pfaff with a walking foot (or differential feed).  The control that you get from the walking foot revolutionized how I felt about sewing.  But beyond that I was just so impressed with the quality of the machine.  I would spend many years after that lusting for my own Pfaff.

Back in 2003 I was finally able to invest in the machine of my dreams.  A brand spanking new Pfaff with the wonderful walking foot.  It was everything I had hoped for and more.  I have used and abused that machine every single day (except for the very few vacation days I have taken) since November of 2003.  While it is a home version I use it like and industrial and it has never failed me.  I really wish manufacturers would put mileage or stitch trackers on their machines because I am pretty certain I have circled the globe many, many times!

Pfaff Lifestyle 2022

But I have been switching gears with the type of sewing I do and recently I have been desiring the real deal.  The original, all metal, built like a tank sewing experience.  I have been switching over to more vintage sewing creations and less alteration work and I want the construction to be as authentically vintage as possible.  So when I saw this beautiful machine at our local thrift store today I just could not resist.

And she came complete with everything including the original Certificate of Lifetime Guarantee with the original owner’s name and date purchased October 9, 1956.

The only thing missing from the kit that I can see is the little oil klinker and bottle of oil.  I am guessing that this machine was in the possession of the original owner until now.  Everything is too complete and well cared for to have been passed around. The motor purrs like a kitten.

So that is my excitement for the day!  Hoping I will get a chance over the weekend to really test her out.


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