Linen Garden Corset

I have begun to enjoy the freedom of my new schedule.  Instead of having 30-70 dresses hanging on my racks waiting for alterations, I have three.  I really don’t even know what to do with myself.  In fact, I have been having a difficult time figuring out what I want to work on now that I actually have the time.  I have so many things I want to dive into that I just can’t get myself focused, plus I don’t have deadline on anything.  My life has revolved around tight, tight deadlines for 10 years.  I guess I need to assign myself some projects and some time lines if I am going to get anything done!

So the first “assignment” I have given myself is another corset.  I am really loving learning the art of corsetry.  I love the challenges of their structure and fit.  I was an avid reader at a young age and I dreamed of Scarlett O’Hara and her glorious gowns with the mysterious under pinnings of corsets and petticoats.  The real things are better than my imaginings, even my beginner attempts!

I was thrilled with how nice my first under bust corset turned out (black lace).  So I wanted to try another one and play with the design a little and add a busk.  This pattern is directly from one of the tutorials on the Foundations Revealed website.  Sorry, it isn’t one of the free tutorials, but if you are thinking about subscribing it is definitely worth it!

When I made the black lace corset the majority of shaping was on the side seam.  The fit was pretty good, but I decided on this one to move some of the shaping to the back because I do have a fairly significant sway back.  So I made the side seam much less severe and transferred the difference to the back pieces.  With the addition of the busk and an extra channel of boning in the front I am hoping to achieve a more powerful flattening effect at the front.

The fabric I decided on (after hours of wavering, apparently I have lost all decision making abilities) is a beautiful brown linen with a floral pattern of peonies in peach, rose, and plum.  I have had this bolt of fabric for seven years or so but I could never commit to make anything with it.  The corset requires so little fabric I was able to let myself cut into it 🙂

I used my most favorite shade of green for the boning channels.  I am waiting for my busk to come in the mail so I just have the center front basted together here so I could do a light test fit.  I am about as far as I can go, now until the busk comes.  I think I will use to time to do some serious shop cleaning so that when I do figure out the other projects I want to work on I can jump right in!  It is truly amazing how much a clean work space can help the creative process 🙂


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