Remains of the Day

Yeah.  So I feel exactly like that mannequin looks.  My “Pile-O-Bridesmaids” were delivered this morning.  Eleven dresses in 5 different styles plus a neck tie for the ring bearer.  The pile of satin is no longer.  All that remains are satin confetti snippets that cover everything.  And the sewing hangover.  My back and neck are one giant pretzel knot of tension.  I think the foot pedal on my sewing machine has finally cooled down (at least it isn’t glowing any more).

No pictures of all of the finished dresses.  Sorry.  In the whirlwind to the finish pictures get forgotten.  The bride has promised to send pictures so hopefully I will be able to share those at some point.

For a day or two I am not going to think about sewing.  Some intense yoga stretching at the gym tomorrow, hot tea, and I think it is just the right time of year to pull out my crocheting.


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