Rumble Fest

So we had been planning for the last 2 months to take our new to us camper out for the first time this weekend at Rumble Fest.  This weekend was the inaugural weekend of Rumble Fest, a traditional rockabilly and hot rod show.  We were really excited to make this a whole family event and just hang out listening to the bands and looking at all the old cars.  And I was going to get a chance to check out the market for vintage reproduction fashion, and maybe show off some of my creations.

And of course the inevitable happened.  Sick toddler on the morning we were supposed to leave (yesterday).  It looked like we were going to have to scrap the whole weekend.  But this morning brought renewed hope.  Miss L was quite back to her normal self so we decided to take a shot and see if we could at least make a day of it.

It turned out to be a perfectly beautiful day for a car show and a great day for our family to be together just hanging out.  I got to show off some of my work and meet some great ladies.  And the hubby got to enjoy all of the old cars.  I didn’t win anything in the “Starlets not Harlots” pin-up contest, but that was never really the point of the day. I did have flash backs to 4-H fashion review, though, lol!

Hubby wasn’t able to get too many pictures during the show.  Miss L decided to take that opportunity to conk out so he couldn’t get up to the front.  Hoping some of the other ladies will be able to send me some of the pictures they got!











2 thoughts on “Rumble Fest

  1. Jennifer! I finally put two and two together! Of course I noticed your fab corset at the show yesterday, but I just now figured out that this you! lol You girls looked great in the contest. And next time I’ll be sure to officially introduce myself. 😉

    • Lol! I should have introduced myself as well. Glad we got to meet. That was the kind of car show I like to go to. I haven’t been to Symco yet, but I gather it is a similar set up? We are heading down to Iron Invasion in October to check that out.

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