Pile of Bridesmaids

So this is what 7 bridesmaid dresses look like cut out.  Doesn’t look like too much work this way, right?  Blah!!!  The neat, tidy, and easily contained part of this project has now come to a close.  Two more bodices to cut out after I do muslin fittings.  While I am waiting to do those last two fittings I will start putting the other ones together along with doing a muslin for the flower girl dress.  Wednesday I am doing measurements on three more attendants who have been added to the wedding party as well.  Luckily they will be using the same pattern as these dresses, just in a different color.

Yes.  That is a total of 11 dresses.  Seven bridesmaids, one flower girl, and three attendants.  I am just thankful they are in this easy on the eyes brown.  I did a large bridal party like this in electric hot pink once and I was nearly blind for weeks after staring at that color for so long!!

So these two patterns were the starting point for the design idea.

The age and size range of the bridesmaids is significant so the bride wanted a dress that would be appropriate for young and older, junior size to plus size.  So she wanted the neck line of the mint green New Look dress combined with the body of the Simplicity dress.  It is hard to see in the picture, but the Simplicity dress has an empire waist line with box pleats that come down to the hip that provide the waist shaping.

I thought about using the actual patterns to work out the pieces to make the combined dress but I opted, instead, to create the dress with my Pattern Master Boutique software by Wild Ginger.  This way I didn’t have to redraft each pattern by hand for the individual sizes.  This is the first time I have used the software to create the same pattern in multiple sizes.  For the most part I think it worked out very well.  I had some issues with how the arm hole drafted on several of the patterns.  The opening was much too small and not really the right shape.  I didn’t take the time to try to figure out the mathmatical issue with my data entry/measurements.  I just corrected on the actual muslin and I am using that for my pattern piece.  If these were for clients who where going to be purchasing wardrobe pieces into the future I would have taken the time to fine tune the computer pattern, but these are one time use customers.

Anyway, this is what I will be working on for the next several weeks.  It is a pretty simple pattern and they go together quickly, but even so, it will take some considerable time to complete 11 dresses.  Praying for fast, nimble fingers, and smooth sailing through this project!



4 thoughts on “Pile of Bridesmaids

  1. Yes, good thing the fabric is easy on the eyes. I bought some fabric with black background and bright dots close together. I’m not sure I’ll be able to cut straight as the dots look like they are moving. LOL.

    Best wishes and no complications!


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