Vintage Slip

So I made that really nice dress a few weeks ago, Hollywood Polka Dots.  The only problem is that the dress is white and and, typical of mid 20th century patterns, the dress is unlined.  So unless I want the whole world to see my undies (which I most definitely do not) I needed a slip.

I know from experience with my bridal customers that there was no really good chance of finding a ready made slip in the stores.   Slips are deemed as unnecessary, old fashioned, and obsolete these days.  Especially full slips!  You can find full and half slips at the local thrift stores but then you are limited to the sizes on hand and I don’t really have the time or flexibility for that kind of treasure hunt shopping right now.  Four year olds take the fun out of that kind of shopping very quickly!

So this is what I came up with instead:

Now until recently I would have been terrified to attempt using a pattern in the frail shape that this one is in.  But I have decided to use my patterns and preserve them through their use rather than let them sit around collecting dust.  This pattern had obviously been very well used.

I carefully separated all of the pieces and read through the very vague directions.  It was very close to my size.  I did a quick muslin of the top portion to make sure and then set about copying the pattern pieces on to butcher paper so I could put the tissue paper away to avoid further damage.

I have had a large piece of silk charmeuse, left over from a custom wedding gown, that I have been unable to find a suitably romantic use for.  This fit the bill.

Now the original pattern called for the skirt pieces to be place on the straight grain.  I wanted the look and feel of a bias slip so I cut the skirt on the bias instead (crossing my fingers that it would come together nicely).  The pattern called for the bodice pieces to be darted and one layer only.  I opted to gather at the bust rather than dart and I added a darted lining to the bodice just for ease of finishing.

I always save left over lave from wedding alterations along with spaghetti straps that people opt not to use.  So I scrounged up some nice pieces of salvaged lace and some straps in the right color and ta da!

Silk is such a wonderful, delicious fabric!  I rarely every treat myself to something so scrumptious!  I am so happy I did and I can see why this pattern was so well used.  There may be many more dresses and slips in my future just because they make me feel so darn good!


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