Swirling on the Dance Floor

So I finished the Swirl dress earlier this week but I didn’t want to post the pictures in case Ms. Twinkle Toes husband stumbled across my post on Facebook:-)  I don’t think the dress was a secret, but I didn’t want to spoil her reveal.  They should be enjoying a beautiful evening at a lakeside wedding as I type.


I think it turned out pretty darn cute.  I wish the fabric colors showed better in the picture.  I will be getting pictures of Ms. Twinkle Toes in the dress in the future and we will take those outside in natural light.  You can get a better idea from this close up.


There is really a very rich combination of colors going on.  Black, navy, tan and brown to a deep rose pink and varieties of turquoise and teal.  The copper color satin ribbon just seemed to set everything off just right.

I think Ms. Twinkle Toes will shine on the dance floor tonight!


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