Almost Vintage

So the mister and I celebrated 20 years of weddedness yesterday.  Can’t really say wedded bliss, that just is not true!  Marriage is damn hard work, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise:-)  But it is worth it.

Our anniversary, of course, brings up lots of memories.  For me a big part of those memories is remembering the months I put in to sewing my wedding dress.  Being the head strong teenager that I was, since my Mom was not willing to help me wedding dress shop, I just decided I would make my own dress.  I can’t really blame my Mom.  I was engaged at 16 because I asked him, and bound and determined to be married as soon as legally possible.  You can’t stand in the way of “love” and all the fluffy crap, you know:-)

So this Butterick pattern, circa 1992, is the one I fell in love with.  Now mind you, the most complicated garment I had constructed up to this point in my sewing career was a button front, gathered waist cotton dress.  With Mom’s help.  How hard could it be?

We set the wedding date for a month and a half after my high school graduation and then I went to beg my high school home ec. teacher to let me make my wedding dress as part of my Advanced Sewing class (this was actually an elective option then).  She tentatively agreed as long as I would not hold her responsible for any dress disasters.  So while my classmates were working on quilts and skirts I rolled out my bolt of floral printed satin and went to work on my wedding dress.

Not too bad for my first formal dress.  Thanks to my poor fitting skills then, I can still fit into my dress today!  Sorry, not posting pictures of that.

Other than the invisible zipper splitting 20 minutes before we were supposed to start taking pictures, everything went smooth that day.  My Aunt Jayne whipped stitched me into my dress and saved the day.  I will save the invisible zipper rant for another day;-)



3 thoughts on “Almost Vintage

  1. I’m very impressed! I’m not sure I’d want to tackle that dress and I’m older than you are! LOL.

    Congratulations on your anniversary. Keep up the good work.

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