#0219 Progress

As promised here are some pictures of my progress on the 0219 blouse.  I really like how this is turning out.  I was not really sure how my sizing adjustments were going to translate because this pattern is such a different cut that we are used to in contemporary patterns.  The only thing I forgot to adjust for was shoulder width but luckily I have pretty narrow shoulders for a bigger girl.  I really could have used another 1/2″, but the blouse is still wearable.

Since there were no directions with this I just used the order that made sense to me when it came to sewing up the seams.  Side seams first.  I was nervous that the edges might grow on me and become uneven because they were cut on the bias.  I was quite overjoyed to find that the seams all matched up perfectly!!

Sleeve seam next.  At this point I wasn’t quite sure how the under arm was going to come together, but I was hoping it would make sense once the sleeve and side seam were sown.  And sure enough, it did!

Like some of the others have said, the under arm seam is really difficult to get a decent picture of.  You can see I took this picture after I added my pleats as well.

I am almost to the completion point with this blouse but I have not had a chance to take more pictures.  I really had serious doubts about how comfortable this style would be to wear considering the unique arm construction.  From the original picture it looks like it would be rather stiff and restricting.  So I was amazed when I tried it on and found it to be very comfortable.  Because everything is cut on the bias the ease of movement and range of motion that one has when wearing this blouse is wonderful!

Looking forward to showing you all the finished product!  Sooner rather than later I hope:-)



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