Patterns, Patterns, Patterns!

So….I admit it.  I am a pattern hoarder.  There is just something intoxicating to me about the precise, crisply folded tissue paper of a new pattern.  I love the dog eared, velveted wear of vintage patterns.  The new patterns are waiting to be loved and explored, the vintage patterns have stories to tell of past love and distant times.

I have to face it, though.  My paper love affair has reached its limit.  I need to clean house and downsize my collection:-(  In the early years of my pattern collecting I focused on current, modern patterns.  I just didn’t know any better, lol!  In recent years I have expanded my vintage pattern collection considerably, to the point that I don’t even look at the modern patterns any more.  Most of the modern patterns have never been used.

I have already gone through the preliminary parting process.  I went through all of my patterns and pulled all of the duplicates and styles I have zero interest in ever making.  I stopped counting at 120.  And that was just the first cull.  I am sure as I get into the purging mood I will add more to the elimination stack.  The majority of the patterns I am eliminating are from the mid to late 1990’s.  Hard to believe they are almost 20 years old!!

So here is where I need your help.  I tried selling some of the patterns at a rummage sale but no go.  Wrong target group.  But, since I am also trying to increase my blog readership/following,  I was thinking that some type of give away, or an ongoing giveaway (since I have SO many patterns) might be one way to do this, but I am not sure how to structure this:-/  Any suggestions from some of you who have done this?  I would love your feedback!  The sooner the better so I can start getting rid of some of these patterns – LOL!


4 thoughts on “Patterns, Patterns, Patterns!

  1. I read this post awhile back & couldn’t think of a good way to help you get rid of your patterns, but I may have found a solution this morning. It’s called a pattern pyramid. You send 5- or however many in a group you want- patterns to other bloggers, they keep one & send the remaining to another blogger & so forth until all the pattern shave been given away. Great way to save on shipping out dozens of individual patterns too. There’s one going on right now that’s being hosted by Did You Make That. I’m sure if you e-mailed her she’d be happy to let you use her idea.

    I know how seductive patterns can be! It’s been maybe a year since I started buying patterns & I’ve already got over 60- it’s kind of embarrassing that I’ve amassed so many in such a short time.

    • Great idea! I will check it out. Then I could get rid of quite a few at one time! I have SO many patterns to get rid of it isn’t even funny. Even after weeding out the 125+ patterns I have slated to sell/give away I still have 25 bank boxes full of patterns, NOT including my vintage collection! I could probably open my own pattern store:-)

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