Blouse E0219 Progress

So I have finally had a chance to get back to the VPLL 1912 project!  Printed the pattern out the other day (Ladies Blouse #0219) and got it re-sized and cut out of the fabric.  I wasn’t too sure how the re-sizing was going to work, but it seems to have turned out well!  I have a few pictures of the sizing process I used.  There aren’t too many of us modern women with a 34″ bust!

As you can see I used the the slashing method to enlarge the pattern.  I need the most adjustment through the bust and the bicep.  I also lengthened the bodice by 2″.  When I held the re-sized pattern up to my body it seemed pretty close to a fitting size so I went with it.

The construction process was surprisingly straight forward.  I had never seen a pattern piece that included the front bodice, back bodice, and sleeve all in one.  To top it all off all of the pieces are cut on the bias!

I decided to construct this blouse in particular because it was designed with a plaid in mind.  My first VPLL project was the Scalloped Skirt E0200 which I made out of a lavender, beige, and cream taffeta, which you can see here.  I had a considerable amount of this plaid fabric so I decided to make a whole out fit.  When E0219 came out I knew it was the perfect top to go with my skirt:-)

I did opt to lighten up on the plaid a little, however.  Rather than making the entire blouse out of the taffeta I only used it for the center front and back insert.  The taffeta would have been too stiff and heavy for the entire blouse, to say nothing of very warm!!  For the main body I pulled a Scarlet O’Hara and used fabric from some old sheer curtains I had in my stash:-)  I am trying to make as many of these out fits from my existing stash as possible!  Turns out the curtain sheer was the perfect choice;-)  I am almost done so I will have more pictures to follow soon!




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