Edwardian Adventure

So…….finished my first corset!!  I fiddled with corsets many years ago but I never got past the mock up stage.

I put the mock up for this corset together a few weeks ago.  Today I finally had a chance to finish the real deal:-)  I did simplify and modify the pattern from the original Edwardian intent.  I have never actually worn a corset before and I really wanted to try out the general idea before I spent a bunch of money on proper hardware and materials.  So for anyone looking a this who has corset making experience, yes, I know this isn’t really how it is done.  For those less versed in corsets I used cheap, plastic boning and I left out the front busk (the busk is special hardware that allows you to open the corset front).

Most of all I wanted to see if I would enjoy making a corset.  I would have to say the answer is YES!

I used remnant fabric that I had on hand.  I flat lined this beautiful cotton with a heavy, sturdy canvas.  I used grosgrain  ribbon (also from my stash) to cover the inside seams and create the boning channels.  The top and bottom edges were finished using scrap black satin.

I did have to purchase grommets.  Of course I wanted to finish this thing “right now” and the smallest grommets our local hardware store carried were 1/4″.  So they are a little bigger then would be typically, but they do the trick.

Overall I was very pleased with how this practice corset turned out.  There are a few minor things I will adjust if I make another one, like shortening the boning even more to make sitting easier.  I had shortened it already compared to the mock up, but not enough for modern practicalities.  In the picture of the back view the lacing should be evenly spaced all the way down, but my hubby isn’t a very proficient lacer – lol!  The top could definitely have come in quite a bit more, but it worked for the pictures.

It will be a few weeks before I can indulge in any experimental sewing, but I will definitely be ordering the proper hardware for the next corset I undertake.  This project was a lot of fun and a very dramatic reminder to me of how poor my posture is!

Thanks to Foundations Revealed and Bridges on the Body for excellent tutorials and encouragement!


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