Complete Ladies E0200

So this is my Ladies Skirt E0200.  As complete as can be for the moment.  I will finish it off with covered buttons in the dark brown but I don’t have any of the right size on hand.  Since the buttons are purely decorative I am not going to make a special 30 mile trip to town just for buttons 🙂








Just a little better close up of the scallops.








Side view.










Back view.










VPLL Checklist

  1.  Pattern Name:  Ladies Skirt E0200
  2. Sewer’s Skill Level:  Intermediate
  3. Pattern Rating: 4-Better than Average, I enjoyed this pattern because it is simple and classic but it also has a hint of challenge with the scallops.  The scallops and buttons also leave room for some creative interpretation.
  4. What skill level would someone need to sew this pattern and why?  Intermediate – simply because of the scallops.  The basic pattern is very simple, but the scallops could be a challenge for some one just starting out.
  5. Were the instructions easy to follow?  The instructions were pretty straightforward.  The only thing that I see people questioning is which side the skirt is actually supposed to open on.  If you follow the written instructions your opening will be on the left like is typical of modern patterns, but if you go by the picture the skirt should open on the right.
  6. How was the fit/sizing?  Did it correspond to what you thought?  I made the pattern in its original size and it came out to the size stated.
  7. Did you make any pattern alterations? If so, what alterations did you make? Where they fit or design alterations?  The only changes I made were to line the skirt (due to my fabric choice) and to do an enclosed piping of the scallops instead of the bias edging.
  8. Other notes:  The dress is made with lavender, cream, and beige checked taffeta and the scalloped edge is piped with chocolate brown satin.

3 thoughts on “Complete Ladies E0200

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