Technique for Piping Scalloped Edge

Just a couple of quick pictures of how I piped the edge of the scallops.


First I cut bias lengths of the brown satin.  I am using a heavy weight rat tail for my cording.






After I made the actual piping I attached to the scallops using my zipper foot.  You can see that I clipped the piping at the peak of the scallop and I also notched the piping in the valley of the scallop.  This will help the piping turn the corners and will help everything lay smoother with sharper points when it is completed.






Here I am attaching the facing piece to the scalloped edge.  I am using just a 1/4″ seam allowance because I didn’t add any extra seam allowance for this technique when I cut out the skirt.  That whole change of plan mid stream kind of thing 🙂  I did use my serger to finish the facing edge and I will probably finish the skirt seams as well just for the long term preservation of the garment.  The taffeta frays like crazy!




The final look, unpressed.  I am much happier with the piping than I think I would have been with the bias edging.  And my plaids are matching, woo whoo!  Bonus! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Technique for Piping Scalloped Edge

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  2. the piping looks very smart. I think I will use this method if I make a second skirt for contemporary wear. I love your check fabric too – well done!

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